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Tuberculosis, or TB, is the world’s second-deadliest infectious disease and kills 1.4 million people every year, according to the World Health Organization. While its bacteria are easily transmitted through the air, the disease can be readily treated and cured. Yet much of the world lacks sufficient treatment.

That’s the case in Vietnam. The country is successful at treating patients once diagnosed, but prevention and detection efforts are poor. Nearly half of TB cases go undetected, a main reason that the disease is responsible for some 18,000 deaths a year — nearly twice as many as automobile accidents.

Insufficient education about the disease in Vietnam means people don’t know how to prevent it. Some who don’t know they are infected end up suffering in silence, which increases the likelihood they will pass the bacteria on to family members and acquaintances. Others, rather than taking proper TB medicine, use over-the-counter drugs from local pharmacies, which can make the illness worse.

Photos by David Rochkind


Evans claims British transport police told him the officer who asked him to delete his footage was part of Northern Rail’s rail response team. Northern Rail said it was trying to establish who made the request.

Though the reporter was prevented from filming the scuffles, members of the public managed to capture the arrests on their own phones.

The “rough” manner of the arrests have been criticised by organisers of the Freedom Ride demonstrations, which involve large groups of protesters all attempting to board the same train without buying a ticket.



One of my duties as Assistant Expedition Leader is to put together daily briefings with maps, images and landing site information so our guests know what to expect for the following day. I’m killing time at the airport by downloading Google Earth images of our most frequented landings.

This is Pleneau Bay, one of my favorite places. I took the bottom photo there last February. You can see now, so early in the summer season, that it is still covered in snow and the waterways around it are choked with ice. If we were down there now, we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere near the island. This will all start to melt over the next month and hopefully by mid-November, will be ready for us to pay it a visit.